Steve Saunders - Business & Performance Coach

Head of Leadership Training and Development

Executive Summary

Steve is a transformational leadership and performance coach, trainer Specialising in mindfulness, purpose and wellbeing.

Over the last 10 years Steve has worked with senior leaders specialising in organisational development, leadership consultancy and coaching, Steve spends much of his time co-create new levels of engagement, identity and clarity of purpose, to deliver high-level, sustainable performance. Steve’s passion is helping people to transform their lives; and businesses, understand their bigger purpose and goals in life, and then supporting them in a collaborative and emergent way.

He is a highly motivated, enthusiastic, results-driven professional Coach, with a proven track record, working with hundreds of business owners to improve their businesses and personal lives. Steve offers personalised solutions designed to empower business leaders and managers in their leadership and management roles. Whether through individual or group sessions, he works closely with business owners to enhance their skills and take their businesses to new heights, whilst prioritising the well-being of their employees. Drawing upon his extensive expertise, Steve equips leaders and managers with the essential tools required to navigate the complexities of modern business environments, ultimately ensuring sustained success and prosperity for their organisations.

In his spare time, Steve enjoys keeping fit, skiing and playing golf.

"Fall down 7 Times, get up 8 – Never give up on your dreams, it is worth fighting for!"